HoloLens 2 Field Kit – Industrial Edition


The Essentials for Mixed Reality in Challenging Environments

The Industrial Edition by ARMR solves the problems of safe helmet use, hearing and eye protection while making Mixed Reality possible in most off-site workspaces.

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  1. HoloLens 2 with ARMR Headband & Helmet Clips to securely attach a helmet and other accessories, plus 1 spare clip set.
  2. The ARMR LTE Connection Kit for 4G and 5G Wi-Fi connection with mobile belt, or carabiner-clips. Alternatively used from the case.
  3. ARMR Power Kit provides 3 high-power USB slots and 3 USB-C charging cables to rapidly charge the HoloLens 2, battery power pack and LTE hotspot to enable full-day use away from a power source.
  4. ARMR Hearing Protection with HoloLens 2 Audio Adapter to provide clear audio in very high noise environments with safe-pass environmental pass-through, short range radio intercom and direct connection to the HoloLens 2 for microphone and audio.
  5. ARMR Field Manual for Mixed Reality covering the essential knowledge and references for all devices.
  6. The ARMRKase provides a mil-spec rugged and waterproof transport for Mixed Reality technology with space for the other gear you need in the field.
  7. Space for the ARMR Clean Essentials incuding wipes, spare brow-pad and a protective carry bag for your HoloLens 2

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4G or 5G Version

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