HoloLens 2 Field Kit – Essentials


The Essentials for Mixed Reality off-site

The Essentials by ARMR solve the problems of safe all-day use of Mixed Reality for most off-site workspaces.

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  1. HoloLens2 with optional ARMR Headband & Helmet Clips to securely attach a helmet and other accessories. The headband provides a numbered depth setting for easy sharing.
  2. A space for our optional ARMR LTW Connection Kit for 4G or 5G and Wi-Fi if your company Wi-Fi won’t reach.
  3. ARMR Power Kit provides 3 high-power USB slots and 3 USB-C charging cables to rapidly charge a HoloLens 2, battery pack and optional LTE hotspot to enable full day use away from a power source.
  4. ARMR Field Manual for Mixed Reality covering the essential Knowledge and reference for all devices.
  5. The ARMRkase provides a mil-spec rugged and waterproof transport for Mixed Reality technology with space for the other gear you need in the field.
  6. Space for the ARMR Clean Essentials including wipes and a protective carry bag for your HoloLens 2

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